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    Computerized Spring Testing with Force Accuracy of +/- .1 percent.

    Industrial Spring Corporation of Florida

    "Supplying Quality Products with Personalized Service for Over 30 Years"

    Quality Control
    Our spring grinding capabilities range in wire sizes from .015" (.38 mm) to .156" (3.96 mm).
    Tolerances in the finer wire sizes are held to within +/- .005" (.127 mm).
    On high volume runs, automatic vibratory feeds are employed to eliminate labor which reduces costs to our customers.

    Parts with unique characteristics may require custom gages or fixtures.
    In these cases our tool room supplies these aids as prescribed by our quality department.


    "Industrial Spring Corporation's Quality Control Department constantly strives to supply it's customers with quality parts on a consistent basis.
    Utilizing the latest in inspection equipment, statistical process control, custom gages, and inspection fixtures further assures in-process conformance, whether we are producing orders for 5, 5000, or 5 million parts, our customers can depend on total quality from start to finish."

    Optical Comparator with
    Automatic Edge Detection.
    Resolution .00005" (.001 mm).

    Industrial Spring Corporation's quality control department documents all initial inspections, in-process inspections, SPC, and final inspections.
    In addition, all other document, such as material, heat treat, and plating certifications are kept on file along with two samples for a minimum of 3 years.